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User Agreement

2009-04-19 22:34

Please read this "User Service Agreement" (User Agreement) all the terms. Unless you accept the terms of this "agreement", or you have no right to use the services provided by Me2Shopping.com. Your use of this behavior will be considered accepted to Me2Shopping.com "agreement", and agree to be bound by the "agreement" various provisions.


The Definition

1. "User" refers to comply with the conditions of this Agreement, agree to abide by the rules of this site, the terms (including, but not limited to this Agreement), and use this website to individuals or institutions.

2. "Seller" means the users to sell items on this site. "Buyer" means the users of this site to buy items.

3. "Transaction" means the buyer seller published in accordance with the transaction request to introduce the best trading conditions within a specific time, thus obtaining the right conditions in accordance with its proposed purchase of the transaction items.


The User Qualification

Only one of the following conditions apply to become a person or entity to this site, you can use this website.

1. 18 years old and above, and has natural capacity for civil rights and civil capacity;

2. Under 18 years old, but the guardian (including but not limited to parents) give written consent natural person;

3. Establishment and legal existence of companies, enterprises, associations and other organizations set up in accordance with the laws of Malaysia or the laws, regulations and / or regulations.

No capacity for civil conduct, limiting capacity for civil conduct, and no operating or specific qualifications improper organization registered user of this site or exceed their civil rights or the ability to engage in trading range, the agreement between this website and void ab initio, the site, once discovered, the right to immediately log off the user, and hold them using this site "service" of all legal responsibility.


User Rights and Obligations

1. Users have the right to rule in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Agreement and this website, the use of this site online trading platform for listings, publish transaction information, item information inquiry, purchase items, make items for the sale with other users, posting on this site community, participate in the activities of this site and are entitled to information and other information about the services provided on this website.

2. Users have the right to change your password and transaction password. User response to the user name of all activities and events take full responsibility.

3. User is obliged to ensure that any information provided on this website, true and accurate registration information, including but not limited to, real name, ID number, telephone number, address, zip code, and so on. Ensure that this site and other users can contact the above contact details with their own. At the same time, users also have an obligation to update the relevant registration information in real time relevant information changes.

4. Users are not allowed to transfer or authorize others to use your own user account on this website in any form.

5. User is obliged to ensure that listings on this site online trading platform, trading information published is true, accurate and not misleading.

6. Users on this site may not be online trading platform trading countries prohibit or restrict the sale of items sold, the sale shall not infringe the intellectual property or other legal rights articles, nor shall the sale contrary to the public interest or public morals items.

7. Users may not publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on this site. Including but not limited to items of information, transaction information, community posts, articles message, the message store, evaluate content.

8. Users of this site shall comply with the transaction principle of good faith, shall not interfere with or manipulate the prices of other unfair methods of competition online transactions disturb order, shall not engage in improper conduct online transactions with unrelated shall not release any information on illegal trading platform.

9. Users should not take unfair means (including, but not limited to, false trading, exchange of praise, etc.) to improve their credit or others, or use of improper means to evaluate other malicious users, reduce credit to other users.

10. User agrees to comply with their own national laws in all uses of this site online trading platform for the implementation of the relevant regulations and this site as well as a variety of social and public interests or public morals. For any legal consequences occurs, the user will be independent in their own name to bear all corresponding legal responsibility.

11. Users on this site, such as online transaction process with other users due to disputes arising from transactions, you can request to be coordinated from this site. Users find other users illegal behavior or violation of this agreement, may be reported to the site. If the user generates litigation because online transactions with other users, and users have the right to request by the judiciary to provide relevant information on this site.

12. Users should bear the expenses arising from transactions and tax law.

13. This website without written permission of the user may not use this site as well as information on any information displayed on the trading platform to copy, modify, translate, create derivative works and other forms, distribute or publicly display.

14. Users agree to receive information from this site, including but not limited to, event information, transaction information, promotional information.


The Rights and Obligations Of Me2Shopping.com

1. This site is not "auctioneer" in the traditional sense, only users with an information exchange platform for the sale of goods carried, to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers exchange, not buyers or sellers agent, partner, employee or employer and other business related parties. Published on this website is user-uploaded trading goods traded goods, not this website. For users publish articles, provide information or participate in the bidding process, this website shall not be monitored or controlled, nor intervene in the transaction process goods, including shipping, payments, refunds, guarantees and other transactions flaws, not take responsibility for the quality goods exist any liability transaction, blemishes on the right and the ability to trade agreement counterparties to fulfill arising, for appearing on auction items on the quality, safety or legality of this site are not guaranteed.

2. This website is obliged on the basis of the existing level of technology efforts to ensure the normal operation of the online trading platform, try to avoid service disruption or interruption in the shortest time limit, to ensure smooth user online trading activity.

3. This website is obliged to users registered to use this site online trading platform encountered and to respond in a timely manner to reflect the situation.

4. The website reserves the right to review the user's registration information, for any questions or doubts registration information, this website have the right to issue a notice asking the user and requires the user to explain, correct, or make a direct punishment, delete and other treatment.

5. Users of this site online trading because of a dispute with other users, and users of the judiciary or the executive branch in accordance with legal procedures require to provide relevant information on this site, this site will actively cooperate and provide relevant information; users will dispute inform this website or this Site knows dispute case, upon examination, this site has the right to dispute the case of dispute between the parties understand and telephone contact by e-mail, and will notify the other party know each other via e-mail.

6. Because of the special nature of the online trading platform, this site has no obligation to registration information for all users, all the transactions and other matters relating to the transaction prior review, but if the following situations occur, this site has the right to limit the user's activities to the user to verify the information, issue a warning notice, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend, and refuse to provide services to the user:

- Users in violation of this Agreement or having been mentioned in the document and incorporated into this   Agreement;

- There is a user or other third party notice on this website, think there is a user or specific   transactions   illegal or inappropriate behavior, and provide relevant evidence, and this site can not be linked to the user to   verify or authenticate any information provided by the user to this website ;

- There is a user or other third party notice on this site that a user or existence of specific transactions illegal or   inappropriate behavior, and provide relevant evidence. The site is an ordinary non-professional traders   standard level of knowledge relevant content discrimination, it is clear that these elements may or behavior   may cause financial loss or legal liability for this site or this site.

7. Anti-fraud operations in the principle of the protection of the interests of the majority of users, when a user reports there may be fraudulent transaction disputes arising from transactions themselves when this site has the right to temporarily freeze the surface to determine the relevant user account, and the parties have the right to check the identity and requirements to provide transaction-related documents.

8. Accordance with national laws and regulations, the contents of this agreement and this site disposal factual basis for the existence of this agreement can be identified user behavior or violations of the law and other misconduct in the trading platform on this site, this site has the right in this website and trading platform published on the site where the user's illegal in the form of web publishing, and reserves the right to delete information at any time without the consent of the user's consent.

9. This site has the right to delete or take other restrictive measures to deal with the following information without notifying the user premise: including but not limited to avoid the costs for the purpose; to credit for the purpose of speculation; fraud and other malicious or false content; nothing to do with online transactions or not for trading purposes; bid or other malicious attempts to disrupt the normal trade order factors; contrary to the public interest or the information could seriously harm the legitimate interests of this site and other users.

10. Users of this site granted exclusive, universal, perpetual, royalty-free license to use the right to information, this site has the right to sublicense the rights, and so authorize this site (in whole or in part) to use, copy, revise, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, perform and display user information site for all kinds of publicity, or create derivative works of, now known or later developed any form, media or technology, the above information into other works.


Service Interruption and Termination

1. In the case of this site is not to charge the cost of services to users, this Site may at its sole discretion for any reason (including but not limited to this site that the user has breached the literal meaning and spirit of the agreement, or the user is not logged in more than 180 days The website, etc.) to terminate service to users, and no longer save the user all the information on this site (including but not limited to, user information, product information, transaction information, etc.). At the same time this website may at its sole discretion, in the case of notice or without notice, at any time to stop providing all or part of the service. After the termination of service, the site has no obligation to provide users retain user data or any information related thereto, or forward any not read or send information to the user or third parties. In addition, this site is not to terminate any responsibility for user's service commitment to you or any third party.

2. If the user to log out of the site proposed as a registered user of this site, this site is subject to examination and approval by the cancellation of the registered users of this website, you cancel the agreement that the relationship between this site, but this site is still retain the following rights:

- After the user logs out, this site has the right to retain the user's information, including but not limited to user data, store data, product information and transaction records before and so on.

- After the user logs off, as users log off before the wrongdoing or violation of this Agreement on this website trading platform, this site may exercise the rights provided for in this Agreement.

3. If the following conditions exist, this site may terminate the service by logging off the user's way:

- When a user violates the relevant provisions of this Agreement, this site has the right to terminate service to the user. The website will notify users when the interrupt service. However, if the user of the website after being terminated service, again, directly or indirectly, or on behalf of others registered user of this site, this site has the right to unilaterally terminate the service again for the user;

- Once the user registration information found on this site in the main content is false, this site reserves the right to terminate the provision of services to the user;

- When this agreement is terminated or update the user does not confirm the new agreement.

- The other site that the circumstances require termination of service.

4. Users in violation of relevant laws and regulations due to breach of this Agreement or other reasons causing this website interruption, termination of customer service, a service interruption, before termination of user transactions according to the following principles:

- This site has the right to decide whether to suspend, terminate before the situation and the reasons for customer service will be interrupted or terminated service user to notify the user of the trading relationship parties, including but not limited to, the intention of the deal but not a deal users, participating in the transaction auction users, has reached a deal offer users.

- Service interruptions, before termination, users have uploaded to this site or trading items yet unfinished, this site has the right in the interrupt, termination of service at the same time to delete this item information.

- Service interruptions, before termination, the user has made on other user specific items for sale offer, but the deal has not been completed, this website reserves the right to suspend or terminate service at the same time remove the user's relevant offers and information.

5. This website Ruoyin user behavior (including, but not limited to, commodity published in this website community post, etc.) infringes the rights of third parties or violate the relevant provisions, and by the third-party recovery or punished the competent authority, the user should compensate all losses and expenses arising from this site therefore.

6. Users in violation of the relevant laws and regulations or in violation of this agreement, and the circumstances are serious, this site has the right to terminate the user's other services.


Amendment Agreement

This Agreement may be revised at any time on this site, and the announcement of the revised Agreement on the Web site, the content of the revised terms will take effect from the time of the announcement, and become a part of this Agreement. If the user agreement after this modification, continued use of this site, as user acceptance and voluntary compliance with the revised agreement. When exercising this site to modify or discontinue the service without charge to any third party.


The Scope Of Responsibility Of Me2Shopping.com

When the user accepts the agreement, the user should clearly understand and agree that:

1. Whether via download or obtain any information on this website by the user to decide for themselves, and to measure their own risk, because downloading any information to cause any damage to the user's computer system or loss of data, users should bear full responsibility.

2. Users via this website to obtain advice and information, regardless of its form or performance of this Agreement will not constitute any warranty not expressly stipulated.

3. The profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses resulting loss, this site does not assume the following reasons for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages (even if this site has been informed of the preceding compensation possibility):

- The use of or inability to use this site.

- Any items purchased by or through this website or obtained, or receiving the information, or to make a purchase cost of goods and services to replace the consequent exchange.

- User data being transmitted or unauthorized access or changes.

- The website of the statements or conduct of any third party.

- This website other related matters.

4. This website is to provide users with a trading platform for the legitimacy of the user transaction published articles, authenticity and quality, as well as the user the ability to perform transactions, this website assumes no warranty. If users use of this site, or for any goods purchased, published in this site, and when there is damage by this website assumes no compensation or liability.

5. This site provides links to other Internet sites or resources, users may therefore links to websites operated by other carriers, but it does not mean that this website and these operators have any relationship. Other carriers operating the site by each operator is solely responsible, does not belong in this web site is responsible for the control and range. For the existence of any content or from such sites or resources, advertising, products or other materials on this website also does not guarantee or be responsible. Arising from the use or reliance on any such sites or resources posted or for any damage or loss by the content of any such sites or resources available, goods or services produced, this website assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect.


Force Majeure

Due to force majeure or other unforeseen events, making the fulfillment of this agreement impossible, unnecessary or meaningless, the parties shall not be liable. The contract term force majeure means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances, including, but not limited to war, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning or earthquakes, strikes, riots, statutory sickness, hacker attacks, network viruses, telecommunications technical control department, government action or any other natural or man-made disaster caused by objective conditions.


Dispute Resolution

1. This Agreement and the revised effectiveness, implementation and revision of this Agreement and all matters relating to the validity, will be governed by the laws of Malaysia, Malaysian law only applies in any dispute.

2. Arising from the use of this website and any dispute arising from the service of this site shall be submitted in accordance with the consumer tribunal will then effective arbitration rules. Related disputes should be separate arbitration, not with any other party in any dispute arbitration merger deal, the arbitration award is final and binding on all parties. If the dispute involved not suitable for arbitration, the user agrees that all disputes under the jurisdiction of the court.

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